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Project Description

 Automated Project Management Software of Scrum Methodology Support Tool Simple Scrum

Why we used Simple Scrum?

  • This Tool is a lightweight, simple to understand but powerful solution for managing Software Development projects and related activities. It brings together the perspectives of organizing daily work, long-term product and release planning and project portfolio management.
  • Dashboard: Dashboard brings project management methods into the digital age by ditching the whiteboard, markers, and sticky to replace it with a web based interactive tool that involves daily stand-ups and the use of a whiteboard with sticky for visualizing the tasks at hand. Picture will be included.
  • A graphical view “Timeline” showing the project life-cycle with releases and sprints. It enables each member to visualize the state of the product.
  • Business Optimization & Human Potential: As Agile Coaches, consultants, and organizational improvers help teams and businesses alike improve their performance, output, and even culture. As it jump into consulting or coaching with any client, it would be great to know their cultural context, how people are behaving, and even how to engage with them best. A team and business assessment instrument that allows employees, managers, and stakeholders, the ability to understand how to communicate, collaborate, deal with conflict, and engage with each other better.
  • Conferencing Calling made easy: One of the biggest challenges of being a volunteer lead on distributed virtual teams is – Communication. With various teams volunteer with, keeping up with the calendar, conference bridges and pins is a tough task-

 To add features

 Very easy to navigate


  • Increase speed of development and align individual and corporate objects.
  • Inconsistent Scrum implementations.
  • Backlog fields different - The Product Backlog lists the requirements for the product being developed. It is the master list of all functionality desired in the product, and each item in the Product Backlog has a description, a priority and an estimate of the effort needed to complete it.
  • List locations varied among teams support.
  • Difficult for users to manipulate backlogs. So it’s lists easily and enhance individual development and quality of life.
  • For teams & departments - During the meeting, each Team member explains by update like facebook:

  a)    What he or she has done since the last Daily Scrum?

b)    What he or she is going to do before the next Daily Scrum?

c)    What obstacles are in his or her way? 

  • Create culture drive by performance and support shareholder value creation.
  • Achieve stable and consistent communication of performance at all level.
  • There is no senior management visibility.
  • There is instant Chat and Messaging option which can help all project members to communicate within a second though someone or outside from country.
  • It Allow teams to self-organized using the best architectures, requisites and projects.


Best Features:

  • A web based application that support mobile or tab or type of scalable displayed electronics devices.
  • Creating the fastest, most innovative high performance, very rich and fully responsive UI.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5, MVC 4, razor, NHibernet, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Bootstrap collaboration.
  • Default web-security and OAuth login & register support such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo etc.
  • Dynamic and validation with attractive message using JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS) and CSS.
  • Assure Global Software Development (SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT) in any distance.
  • Whether a project is following a Waterfall or Agile methodology, serves the same purpose of providing a transparent, simple, flexible and economical tool for collaboration.
  • It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s scalable. Small teams can keep their to-do lists. Large enterprises can track the work of hundreds of employees & also usable for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Using that data it shows the actual progress in burn-down charts, it roll up the execution data into reports appropriate for any level of corporate hierarchy - from workers to CEO.
  • It integrates with tools that already use: Microsoft TFS, CodePlex, Bitbucket, Google Apps, source control systems (Git, Subversion, GitHub, and Perforce), bugtrackers (JIRA, Trac, FogBugz, Bugzilla, Mantis).
  • Accelerate time to market and effective to manage change.
  • Naturally transition to Scrum and Increase project success rate and productivity.
  • Improve software quality and performance.
  • Highly flexible and simply visible to user.
  • Easy tool management and versatile integration.
  • Deploying on could computing platform Windows Azure.


Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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